Saturday, June 23, 2012


The Timekeeper

I have walked past the Frozen Mountains
Mountains which had crumbled long ago
I’ve been living through many old times
I now decide where things are to go

I have walked past all the seven seas
Them; I swallowed in a single gulp
The fish, I made them stand and walk
To the holy hillocks and squat

I have walked past all humanity
I’ve watched them blame themselves
The women corrupt everything they touch
The men kill everything that walks

I have walked past divinity
I pray to God all the same
I knelt at that holy place
Till I was bathed in his light

I have walked past several tombs
Past the valiant fallen, I’ve walked
They grimaced from their graves
Their ugly features were rotting

I have walked past true love
I cried when it was lost
I regained my majestic stature
Then I begot the Wonderwall

I’ve walked past the hideous past
I walk past the painful present
I’ll walk past the uncertain tomorrow
For I am the Keeper of them all

1 comment:

vivek j said...

It just gives a thought over moving forward leaving the past behind.