Thursday, March 1, 2012


Shitas Manidar

Small man with a large moustache

Pot belly to complement that

He smiles at corny jokes

Penis mightier than sword (Wink Wink)

He was himself, but only till yesterday

Now he is lost, because of a fad

Friend tried telling him, recall yourself

He denied ever changing, recalled disgrace

He is the pretender, he’s no contender

His twisted plans are all diabolical

His friends have stepped away, in fear

His jealous eyes, tell them he’s sly

He is the invader, invader of space

This bitter sweet melodrama, is his life

It’s all cooked up; his talent is just to be nice

Red rotten gums, hidden behind his rotten speech

He is the villain, villain to us all

He proclaims to be special, he’ll step over all

Just pretend you like him, just pretend to smile

Hold yourself tight, don’t heed his wicked calls

He is the disguise, a cloak in the shadows

He is the mirage, a nightmare you'll find

He is the disruptor, everything incomplete

He is the Devil, evil lurks in his works

He is the scavenger, steals from the fallen

His stature is his fall; he’ll stand on his toes to pretend

He is the slithering snake; he’s poisoned you all

Keep away! Run for your life! Tell this to all


1 comment:

Chetan Gurikar said...

Dude, Whoever this Shitas Manidar is you F****d him very badly...

I LMAO! I never knew an article would come out this way.. Seriously you surprised me man..! Hold on to your thoughts... Keep it cool, alright! No negativity pls Mikey....