Monday, February 10, 2014


Leech Man

Detoxification leads to remorse
Albeit alcholification is very Norse
They pound their mugs on the counter
No way could the bar-keep afford to falter

My friend is a different creature
He pretends that life is a lost wager
Refuses to talk, he’d rather sit and gawk
Sits silently swinging, inwardly humming

He rummages through his belongings
Hoping to find some form of currency
He yearns for an early drink
Only then can he think

He drinks with all his friends
He curses at life’s amends
He sips on his flattening beer
Stroking the lacquered cold veneer

He stays up all the night
Never sleeps without a fight
He swims in the swamp
Attracting leeches of the damp

He loses blood for fun
He can’t get no puns
He lives in deliberation
Heaven to him is inebriation


The Columnist

A moment sir
Huh..? You’re mistaken I’m no cop

Au contraire sir
I can see in fact, that you are incognito
Your attire speaks volumes of you
You profession is also divulged by your boots

I see
What is it that you need?
I’m actually to be unseen
I thought I looked clean

Au contraire sir
Your gun is showing
Your temples are quite loudly throbbing
Your brow is profusely sweating

Alright my good man
What is it that you need?
I’m busy anyways
Hiding from the hidden

Excellent sir!
I wish you good luck!
But my matter is quite pressing you see,
There is somewhere right now, we need to be

I’m sorry
I cannot leave my post
The suspect might walk in anytime
It’s up to me to see what I can find

But sir!
There is this body!
I found it sometime ago
A young lady, dead by a harsh blow!

Take me there now my good man
I fear my post must be left unmanned
Let us make haste then

Here sir
It’s in this corner if you please
A dreadful business I’m afraid
Her pooled blood blocks our way

Female, age around thirty
Cause of death: Blunt force trauma to the head
By the position, Killer must be left handed
No foot prints or obvious mark left behind

Excusez moi sir!
Might I divulge something of real importance?
Yes, please if you may put away your recorder?
You see, I’m your mysterious killer

Good night sir
Sleep tight (Crack!!!)
Poor girl, served her purpose well
With the very same crack on her skull

Saturday, June 23, 2012


The Timekeeper

I have walked past the Frozen Mountains
Mountains which had crumbled long ago
I’ve been living through many old times
I now decide where things are to go

I have walked past all the seven seas
Them; I swallowed in a single gulp
The fish, I made them stand and walk
To the holy hillocks and squat

I have walked past all humanity
I’ve watched them blame themselves
The women corrupt everything they touch
The men kill everything that walks

I have walked past divinity
I pray to God all the same
I knelt at that holy place
Till I was bathed in his light

I have walked past several tombs
Past the valiant fallen, I’ve walked
They grimaced from their graves
Their ugly features were rotting

I have walked past true love
I cried when it was lost
I regained my majestic stature
Then I begot the Wonderwall

I’ve walked past the hideous past
I walk past the painful present
I’ll walk past the uncertain tomorrow
For I am the Keeper of them all

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The Despicable

What can I do for you?
There’s this thing that’s new
Well what do you make of it?
I don’t know it’s something sick

The leaves have begun to fall
The trees have been sick and tall
They whither their lifeless manes
Appear lifeless and disdained

My friends, I’ve seen you grow
I’ve smiled my handsome smile
You talked glibly all the while
Soon you bowed a sad goodbye

My children have come to be tall
They remember you quite well
They point to where you once stood
And sigh at the follies of man

I hope to find you some day
Any day but today is fine
I have so much to do you see
I will bid you farewell in time

You can’t walk away
You can’t seem to sway
You don’t seem dismayed
Life has always been this way

We never did quench your thirst
Now we die of the same out-burst
Our clothes are all haggard and tattered
Our eyes sunken with displeasure

My people have started to brawl
They blame each other for your fall
No one seems to notice that
They have an equal share in all

We will come to perish
We will be vanquished
Our virtues were long lost
Our doings are very vast



Under normal observation
I laugh at your interjections
You seem devoid of any anger
Yet you shower it on me

Under normal obligations
I would never be wary of you
But amidst this corny drama
I fell into a solitary coma

Unlike numerous objections
That you’ve thrown all around
You decided to choose me
To display genuine dismay

Up-until now oratory
Was my only sole weapon
But things are different
When I stand alone

Uneasy nauseous Un-Operatory
You’ve made me feel so
I’ll get back to you on this
Mio Amigo mio amico

Monday, March 5, 2012


The Tramp

I was walking on my usual way
I saw this tramp of a kid where he was laid
I took no notice of him, just on a whim
He coughed and I jumped, I looked at him

He had two sad little eyes
A very sad little face
He looked very tired and hungry
His chest looked like it felt heavy

He sucked in freshly polluted air
And he coughed even more
His shorts were smudged
He smelt of fresh urine

Normally, after a moment of pity
I’d shrug and walk my way
But today, I felt different
I chose to stay

I squatted on the pavement next to him
Threw at his side, a half-eaten ├ęclair
He did not make a move, like he didn’t understand
‘Eat’, I said, ‘You can call it food’

He proceeded cautiously
Pulled the wrapper whole
Put it in his mouth and swallowed it whole
I chuckled at the kid, he steered

I thought of what else I could do
The gypsy kid looked meekly at me
I could look into his innocent eyes
All I would find would be guilt

His lips moved ever so slowly
His face turned very soft
He clutched onto the wrapper
And said thank you at last

I half-nodded and rose
I asked him where his house was
He pointed towards a shack
A tramp’s house, it looked lank

I felt tired all of a sudden
This house was no place to stay
I looked at the weak little thing
I felt like taking him

I squatted silently for a while
The kid labored real hard
I reached into my pocket
Put a note in his hand and said keep it

He showed no emotion again
I did not stay to look for none
I walked away in haste
Ashamed of what I’d done

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Shitas Manidar

Small man with a large moustache

Pot belly to complement that

He smiles at corny jokes

Penis mightier than sword (Wink Wink)

He was himself, but only till yesterday

Now he is lost, because of a fad

Friend tried telling him, recall yourself

He denied ever changing, recalled disgrace

He is the pretender, he’s no contender

His twisted plans are all diabolical

His friends have stepped away, in fear

His jealous eyes, tell them he’s sly

He is the invader, invader of space

This bitter sweet melodrama, is his life

It’s all cooked up; his talent is just to be nice

Red rotten gums, hidden behind his rotten speech

He is the villain, villain to us all

He proclaims to be special, he’ll step over all

Just pretend you like him, just pretend to smile

Hold yourself tight, don’t heed his wicked calls

He is the disguise, a cloak in the shadows

He is the mirage, a nightmare you'll find

He is the disruptor, everything incomplete

He is the Devil, evil lurks in his works

He is the scavenger, steals from the fallen

His stature is his fall; he’ll stand on his toes to pretend

He is the slithering snake; he’s poisoned you all

Keep away! Run for your life! Tell this to all


Friday, February 24, 2012


The Many Man

Dead on my doorstep
I jumped as I stepped over him
The black ball of his head I saw
A crater was forced on it

It was my inference that it was forced
Probably by a blunt object
A wrench? A Steel Pipe? A Bob?
It was vague to make a guess

Aha! Now what would this be?
A man’s name on this very person
I know him; we had tea the other day
Quite a jovial man, now he seems to be dead

Why did he die on my very doorstep?
What he did here, I can’t perceive
I snooped around to find something amiss
All I could find was a tired me

My hands were covered in blood
My clothes all stained from it
Dried overnight, tasted the same too
What could this be? A frame? A blame game?

I remember going to sleep last night
I had forgotten to take my pills
But I do remember sleeping
As I can remember nothing

Oh my! What fresh ill is this?
I felt something cold dangling in my coat pocket
Why now? This is my ever faithful gun
What could it be doing here? Out of the bedside locker?

I reminisced, dead man on the doorstep
Blood frozen on my clothes, no drips
My gun’s blunt end seems like it was used for fun
I can make a wild guess as to what I had done

Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Walk With Shadows

When darkness shone forth its seamless gleam
When the guards doth stand waiting for warmth
The leaves lay listless and flap the same
Two lords of the night shall prowl forth

One taller than the other doth they stand
Restless in day and awake at night
When they doth hide from everyone’s eyes
They venture deep into the darkness hidden from plain sight

This tale is not on what they received in the end
But more on why they venture in the night
What made them welcome the sight of
 The listless and darkest sight

One feared almost nothing
The other wished only for adventure
They both sought to learn the other’s powers
Whilst they dived into this venture

“Why my friend, doth thee wish this perilous path?”
“When thou can pick the one other?”
But no reply did he get from his friend the dwarf
But now ‘nuff is said about each brother

“Brothers they were”, did I say that?
Oh, yes they were, but not of blood
Despite that they were connected
By the perilous path they proudly tred

Years have passed now we venture through time
It waits for none and changes everyone
The dwarf was now dipping into women
Whilst the giant cared only for none

They had grown undone and apart
But care each for the other, still did they
The distance between them had grown
So that even meeting the other could not blow that away

In silence they sat waiting for a spark
To reignite the flame that was lost
It sounds like love and yes it is so
As these brethren had grown apart

They slowly dragged around with their feet
They ventured into lands that were so new
Something magnetic drew them the way
As none of them, where they went they knew

It was darkness and they knew now
What they had lost was back anew
They stood now again in silence
But now they were akin I knew

The spoils of their war lay before them
What they had conquered under their noses
 Of everyone they knew, now the giant spoke-
“Now that we’re back, lets rejoin forces”

The dwarf did nothing but smile
As silent as the night but all the bright
They venture alone again
Into the night in all their might

So one last time before many yet to come
They set out wandering as they did before
Not a soul would ever know of this
Them my friend you can never abhor

The flame was finally ignited
The old were again united
This is just the beginning not the end
Thus adding one more tale to the story of friends